About McMinnville Playschool


PhilosophyAt McMinnville Playschool, children are encouraged to extend their natural excitement for learning through interaction and through playful, self-chosen exploration.  Different learning styles are supported by many kinds of activities which promote social, emotional, creative, physical and intellectual development.  We strive to allow children to pursue their interests, construct a personal understanding of their world and learn healthy patterns of interaction with others.
The McMinnville Playschool is committed to nurturing the abilities and self esteem of each child.  McMinnville Playschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or religion.  We are a nonsectarian preschool, there is no religious instruction included in the preschool curriculum.

Cooperative Learning

mps2bA cooperative preschool fosters an exchange of ideas and maximizes resources and talents.  Each family shares in the planning and operation of our school with a family job and as a parent teacher.  Three parent teachers assist the Lead Teacher in the classroom and provide a 4:1 child to adult ratio.
The McMinnville Playschool is a member of the Parent Child Preschools Organization (PCPO).  PCPO supports over 60 developmentally appropriate parent child cooperative preschools in Oregon and Washington.

Learning Through Play

mps9bThe McMinnville Playschool harbors a play-based philosophy.  Children naturally engage in play that is appropriate for their developing brains.  Through play children learn to control their impulses, solve problems, negotiate, think creatively and work as a team.  A child’s play is their work, and their work is their play.