Miller Woods Field Trip

Hello Everyone!

The field trip will be located at Miller Woods on Friday April 12 from 10 to 11:30 am. Parents are encouraged to pack a family lunch and stay afterwards to eat together. There is a room indoors where we can eat if the weather is poor.

April 12 is a no school day for MAC Schools. Please contact Amy Brodie and let her know if and how many from your family are planning to attend.

Directions and forms to be in your boxes soon!

Here are a few notes about our visit to Miller Woods:

  • Please bring water and snack. If anyone wants to bring lunch and hang out after it is a great place for a picnic.
  • There is no running water or drinking water. Porta-potties are the only bathroom option.
  • Wear rubber boots and clothes that can get dirty as well as any other weather appropriate gear.
  • A change of clothes would be a good idea. I will be encouraging kids to really engage in the environment, including crawling on the ground, getting hands wet (we all know where that can lead…), and handling as much muck and slime as we can get our hands on.
  • There is a small building that we can access where I will have some microscopes set up but unless the weather is bad we will be outside.
  • here are two ponds on the property so we will need to monitor kids. They are teaming with life and very fun to explore so we will do that safely while keeping kids from falling in.
  • There are great fields to run and play in and nice hiking trails in the woods, plenty for us to have some great adventures.
  • There is poison oak on the property but it is well contained and easily avoided.
  • Cell phone reception is spotty.
  • Please remember good weather appropriate clothes and boots that can get wet. The kids will have much more fun if they are comfortable.